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  • store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

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store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery
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Too much work and don’t have time for store restaurant laundry service? Your clothes need special methods to keep it always new and clean. It’s already weekend and you would SPEND ALL DAY LONG WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS then doing the BORING LAUNDRY


Come to Laundry Service at store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery and get both your free time and perfect laundry made by our Service!  




Xuyen Viet Laundry, Professional, Prestigious, Reliable

Laundry? Most of you who have heard these two words are already tired of sighing, right? Returning from work for 8 hours is already “exhausted”, and when I see the furniture, I just want to “collapse”.
If you think like that, let Xuyen Viet Laundry do that part of the job for you.

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

Things to know about dry cleaning

– When giving clothes to the laundromat, we also wonder how our precious clothes are taken care of. Then here is the progress:
– Clothes will be identified through trademarks, embroidered names to avoid confusion with other people’s goods;
– See if there are buttons missing, torn or scratched somewhere, lest you get scolded when you deliver the goods, which is sloppy.
– Look for stains of grease, food, to wash before putting in a machine with a chemical solution for washing.
– After washing, the staff also check to see if there are any stains and then iron it flat, hang it on a hook, wrap it in a plastic bag, ready to return to the customer.

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

Outstanding quality, absolute satisfaction, affordable price

With each piece of clothing you bring to Xuyen Viet Laundry, we treat it as if it were our own clothes. How to wash to make the color last, how to wash so that the fabric does not stretch, how to wash the clothes for a long time, how to remove stains from clothes. When you receive your washed clothes, your smile and satisfied nod are our motivation. With competitive prices but quality is always our top priority, we will make you both surprised and delighted when you choose Xuyen Viet Laundry as your laundry service provider.

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

Hand washing is so tiring

If you have to spend too much time on hand washing, why not come to the services of pickup & delivery of Xuyen Viet Laundry. Satisfaction guaranteed at first service. Whether your items are large or small, Xuyen Viet Laundry will be ready to welcome you with the most welcoming attitude.

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

Difference between dry cleaning and wet cleaning

– Wet cleaning: clothes + water + laundry detergent + water washing machine. After washing the washer, the clothes are wrung dry, removing the water to the outside.

– Dry cleaning: Clothes + solvents + dry cleaning chemicals + dry cleaning machines. After washing machine rinse, spin and dry the clothes. The solvent carrying the stain will be separated from the clothes, then it will be distilled or passed through the filter to recover the clean solvent for reuse.

>store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

Trans-Vietnam laundry always uses the best equipment and products

Coming to Xuyen Viet Laundry, customers can rest assured that Xuyen Viet Laundry always uses the best and most modern equipment. Not only about the equipment that the washing powder and conditioner used by Xuyen Viet Laundry are all good products, ensuring to always remove all stains and bring a pleasant scent from the leading brands in Vietnam.

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

What is Dry Cleaning?

– Dry Cleaning Use completely with washing chemicals to wash clothes, it is not like industrial wet washing machines, it only uses water to wash clothes.
– Outstanding features of dry cleaning:
+Using completely chemical washing
+Helping clothes not be wrinkled or losing folds
+Ensure durability for leather jackets, felt coats, feather coats
+ Has a much higher cost than wet washing machines

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

Laundry Process?

Step 1: Check and tag
the clothes Check if the clothes are loose, missing buttons or torn anywhere… Then tag on the clothes so they don’t mix with other people’s clothes.

Step 2: Pre-treatment
Conduct spot removal of small stains on clothes such as grease stains, ballpoint pen marks, etc. to make washing easier.

Step 3: Dry Clean
Put the clothes in the dry cleaner with a weight compatible with the capacity of the machine. When the wash button is pressed, the appliance will use the solvent to clean the garment. Depending on the specific fabric, after 2 – 5 washing processes, the clothes will be rinsed, squeezed and dried to remove the solvent. Next, switch to the iron and blow machine to restore the original standard form of the garment.

Step 4: Re-inspection and packaging
Check the garment for any residual stains or damage. If yes, then proceed to remedy and repack the clothes to return to the customer.

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

Currently, in recent years, at pickup & delivery lines, small alleys where residential areas gather people, households and living together in urban areas, large streets, high-rise buildings are becoming more and more popular. much. The use of the area and resources here also becomes difficult because the population here can be up to several hundred households.
So what effect does this have?
– For households, the problem of laundry in the apartment is really a headache.
– Most households in apartments have limited space. The balconies seemed to be to catch the wind, but now they are used to dry clothes.
– Clothes are dried in every corner, indoor space and wet smell of un-dry clothes cause unpleasant odors and your space really becomes narrow and stuffy.
So what is the solution for us?
– Simple! All you need to do now is just call the phone number 0917.45.205 for immediate answers and quotes.
– Laundry service at lines pickup & delivery has just delivered quickly and received at the place without going too far.

The working process of Xuyen Viet Laundry:

Step 1: Greet the customer, receive and check the clothes
Step 2: Sort the customer’s clothes according to each garment’s attributes
Step 3: Wash, dry, iron, fold the clothes
Step 4: Pack the clothes and start shipping clothes delivered to customers.

Jeans. Beautiful comes fast, goes fast too

For fashionistas, jeans seem to have become an indispensable item for outings and parties. Thanks to their easy-to-wear and eye-catching properties in all cases, jeans are increasingly gaining love. of the more sophisticated world. However, keeping a nice pair of jeans and “staying with me” is a bit difficult because the characteristic fabric of the jeans makes the jeans fade and frayed almost inevitable.

Tea and coffee powder. Not just for drinking

In addition to the main use of making drinks, coffee and tea powder is also used as a natural dye to make dark clothes last longer. By adding 2 cups (500ml) of coffee or black tea to the final rinse when washing pickup & delivery, these two powders will enhance the overall color of the garment.

Why should you choose store restaurant laundry service on-site?

With a commitment to always bring the best satisfaction to customers, with the following advantages:
– Washing 1 machine – 1 guest. No matter how little or a lot of your clothes, Xuyen Viet Laundry will still wash them in a separate washing machine to ensure the best hygiene and avoid losing your items.
– Laundry products are clean, ironed flat, folded neatly for you.
– Reasonable prices, suitable for all needs of customers
– Diverse services, can be optional
– Ensure proper washing, do not fade or damage fabrics

store restaurant laundry service pickup & delivery

pickup & delivery , lots of options?

Coming to Xuyen Viet Laundry will definitely be your best choice for helping you clean everything. With friendly staff and high quality service. You will only get ABSOLUTELY SATISFACTION and COMFORT when you come to Xuyen Viet Laundry. Any * TKG1## about * TKG2## please contact us. Hotline:  093 111 62 96 – 0917 450 205

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