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  • Dry Cleaning & Steam Ironing

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Dry Cleaning & Steam Ironing
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Dry cleaning is a process relatively similar to conventional washing, also using chemicals and mechanical impact to bleach and clean clothes. However, the difference is that instead of being washed in water, clothes and fabrics will be washed in solvents.

-The process of dry cleaning fabrics can be summarized as follows: After preliminary inspection, laundry will be “spotted” for small stains such as grease, food and other stains. other dirt. The laundry is then put in the dry cleaning machine. The device will automatically provide solvents, dry cleaning chemicals and proceed to wash like a normal washing machine. Clothes after 2-5 washing cycles (depending on the washing program for specific fabrics) will be rinsed and wrung thoroughly, then dried to remove solvents before being ironed (ironed) and blown to dry. “reviving” the original standard form of laundry.



– We use synchronous, modern and latest imported machinery.

– Laundry technology and secrets are transferred from laundry experts, meeting the strict standards and regulations in the laundry industry of Europe and America in terms of Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection.

– We use dry cleaning solvents that are clean, safe for health, friendly to the environment and community, imported from the US. These solvents have outstanding advantages such as:

Quality advantage :

  • Removes oil, grease, serum stains and water-soluble stains
  • Especially suitable for fabrics that are sensitive to wet washing, leather and fur
  • Creates a soft fabric feel to the touch
  • Feel comfortable when wearing clothes
  • The fabric looks brighter and more vibrant
  • Helps protect fabric, avoid fading
  • Cleaned fabrics have a fresh, new scent
  • Recommended by the Green Business Association and America’s Best Laundry Companies Association.


Health and safety advantages:

  • Safe for products and users
  • Fully meets European and American health and safety standards
  • Community safety


Advantages of environmental protection

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Strictly meet European and American regulations and standards on environmental protection
  • Biodegradable.
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